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Davina Shorter

Davina Shorter is a blogger, author, entrepreneur, and founder of davinaisdriven, a blog for the driven professional who also intentionally prioritizes self-care and leisure traveling. Her work focuses on the most innovative growth and development business practices with an emphasis on work life balance.

Davina Shorter started her career as a Product and Career Development training facilitator for a fortune 500 company which lead to the journey of Project Management. Through her journey of obtaining her PMP Certification, she created an interactive game to help Project Mangers study for the exam and founded  The Social Project Manager.

She first started writing Children’s Books  which she utilized her skillset as a training facilitator  to make complex subjects interesting that anyone can comprehend. This led to her rediscovering her passion for writing and sharing information with like-minded individuals who has the same desire to achieve extreme success but also appreciate the little things in life.

In addition to all her endeavors, This Chicago based wife, mom, and business owner loves brunch, karaoke, and wine.

Let’s meet up for coffee, anywhere in the world 😊

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